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TooF Collection 1 TooF Collection 1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You thought I wouldn't find out...

You thought I wouldn't find out that you made another one....but I did.....and yeah......HAHAHHAHAHAAAH....hmm....Ho w did the surgery go by the way? :)

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12 FU's Of Online Gaming 12 FU's Of Online Gaming

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

The good, the bad, and the truth

Lets start with the good. You can tell you put a good bit of thought and work into this, and you have done a good job of putting it together. You did throw in a few graphics and other items outside of the pure video content. But thats where you stopped.

NG does have non-animation submissions, but usually they do have some kind of use of Flash enhancements, other content etc. Even if you took clips of online matches (even staged ones) showing examples of what you were talking about with maybe some text thrown in there, it would have been a great improvement. The work has to be visually stimulating also, and getting creative flipping off the camera while moving your arms around doesn't really cut it. Thats the bad.

The truth is, you have a good concept here and some funny/true material that people can relate to. But your presentation is poor at best. Be creative and add more to it than just you in your room talking. In this case your easiest and best bet is to show examples of each "Fuck You" while your talking. It gives the viewer something interesting to watch while enjoying your audio commentary. It could be as simple as MORE added text and images, or recordings of you and your friends playing games demonstrating what your talking about.

And this may sound like a small thing, but do some work to it next time before porting it over to Newgrounds. Leaving a youtube logo up in the corner may not seem like much, but it shows your lack of polish and time taken to make the video presentable for a different audience. The little things do make a difference. I would maybe go as far to even say if you didn't film the entire thing in your room, and did it in segments in different areas it would of at least added some variety to your video.

I encourage you to go back, remake this with the same script/ideas and put some more time into the visuals and polish. Till then 2 of 5, and 5 of 10. Good luck.

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The Other Guys Brake Pads The Other Guys Brake Pads

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A High Quality Flash

Good job on the quality of the animation and conveying the humor of the audio quite nicely. It got a smile small chuckle out of me. But like said many times earlier, not as funny as the original. I guess you can't always live up to the standards of the first, hence why Chris was such a great comedian. Two model cars and a lighter is all he needed to get so many people to almost die laughing. But again, good take on this and glad to see someone appreciating the "old" 90's comedy.

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Cursorized Collab Cursorized Collab

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Damn't that was long

Let me start off with the good... First off that must have taken a lot of time (even split up as a collab) to come up with that many cursor effects. Yes some were redundant, but the few that really made you go "wow" or "neat" made up for it. The big let down was the music. As far as I could tell only 1 and 3 worked and they were very short. If you are going to sit there staring at cursor effects for about 5-10 minutes you need some music to keep you going. If it had the music/beat to go with the effects it would have gotten a 10. Just my .02.

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Veteran Veteran

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

And you talk shit about other people's work?

I had been reading your reviews on other peoples work, and it seems you think you are quite the Flash pro. So I decided to see what work you had made that makes you this pro. And when the game started off it looked interesting, even a bit promising. But then it all just fell apart. I can deal with a hunchbacked stickmen if the gameplay makes up for it.

This game could have been 10x better made with some actual effort put into it. There was no detail, no realisim, no AI worth killing, no thought put into this, no nothing. The people that gave you even moderate scores with "I hope you improve" notes are just doing it out of sympathy. But unlike them I have no sympathy for smart asses that produce shit Flash games.

Your what 17? Your still in high school, you have plenty of free time. Invest it in actually putting some effort into your next peice. And until you can back up the shit you say else where about animations that are actually good, get off your fucking high horse you little kid.

FlashKid responds:

This is a really old game, if you wanna see some of my new games you see they are really good. As for being a little smart ass all I can say is sorry to anyone that I've offended in my reviews and what not. This is definatly not my best game I'd agree with you on what you said about it and really I just want to let you know I've improved upon these points in my newer things.